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Peaceful Respite is Going on an Indefinite Hiatus


I’m ready to take a break from Peaceful Respite for the time being. I haven’t had the time to properly update it, and I’ve been so busy lately that it’s hard to think that will change anytime soon. I wish I had the time to play more games, watch more movies, read more books, and enjoy more anime, but I simply don’t.

Thanks for everyone who has enjoyed the blog over the past three years. I’m sure that the site has turned into something that just feeds Google images and other search engines, but if people find it useful then that’s what matters.

If you’re interested in what I am up to, there’s my personal website and my twitter.

Thanks again everyone!



It is ridiculous how good 2012 has been for video games already. There has been a really variety of awesome AAA titles and indie games. One games that really sticks out is Dustforce.
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Why I Left School to Make Indie Games


Whether or not you personally know me, I’d like to explain why it is I left school to make indie games. It’s important that people look hard at their life to see what’s working and what’s not working. Through this understanding and self-reflection, a lot of options open up. I strongly believe that people need to pursue their passion and chase after their dreams. Choosing to leave school is me pursuing my passion and chasing my dream. Read more…

Trine 2 is Out Now and It’s Gorgeous


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Indie Game Music Bundle, Pay What You Want for 10 Awesome Indie Game Soundtracks


What was originally a one-day, Black Friday only special has turned into a three day sale. The folks at have put up 10 indie soundtrack albums, from games like Minecraft, Super Meat Boy, A.R.E.S., and VVVVVV, at a pay-what-you-want price.

Definitely go and support some of the awesome artists from some of the most amazing indie games.
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25 Year Legend, An OC Remix Legend of Zelda Tribute


If you haven’t stumbled across this already in your internet travels, then you’re really missing out. The folks at Overlocked Remix are hosting a 25th Anniversary album for Zelda. A bunch of indie game composers remixed their favorite Zelda songs and when you put it together, you get this.
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Listening to Tenniscoats is like Looking at Fine Art

Tenniscoats members Saya and Takshi jumping in the air

Saya & Takashi

And I’ve never looked at fine art before.

What I mean is that Tenniscoats are really unique. I don’t know if most people would understand or enjoy their music because it is so different. I compare it to fine art because it’s a very similar thing in my mind. Fine art is something unique. Fine art has some quality that sets it apart from other art. Fine art has something that makes it special. I think that Tenniscoats are unique. I think Tenniscoats have a lot of qualities that set them apart from other bands. I think Tenniscoats have something that makes them special.

I want to explore those qualities and help share what I think is great music.

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