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Bike Montreal Trip


July 14 – July 16 was a trip up with fellow incoming freshmen of Champlain College to Montreal. It was part of the school’s Summer Launch programs. We arrived on a Wednesday and left on a Friday. That Thursday was our only full day there, and we spend the majority of it biking.

The trip was awesome, a whole lot of fun. It was right up my alley, and I loved it. I got to meet a lot of great people and make some friends before school starts this month!

Check out the pictures to get an idea of what I got to see!

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  1. 08/04/2010 12:52 AM

    Wow, nice, must have been fun,
    Ive always wanted to visit montreal, or canada ^^”
    but first is a second trip to japan! :3

    • Brett permalink
      08/04/2010 5:47 PM

      It really was a lot of fun. The whole French aspect of the city was a bit daunting though.

      I need a first trip to Japan still haha! :) Soon enough the time will come.

  2. 08/07/2010 11:28 PM

    Shoot, our incoming freshmen program was an overnight stay on a campus dorm. :(

    Montreal looks fun, I’m definitely visiting there some time in the future. Japan comes first though for me as well.

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