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Listening to Tenniscoats is like Looking at Fine Art

Tenniscoats members Saya and Takshi jumping in the air

Saya & Takashi

And I’ve never looked at fine art before.

What I mean is that Tenniscoats are really unique. I don’t know if most people would understand or enjoy their music because it is so different. I compare it to fine art because it’s a very similar thing in my mind. Fine art is something unique. Fine art has some quality that sets it apart from other art. Fine art has something that makes it special. I think that Tenniscoats are unique. I think Tenniscoats have a lot of qualities that set them apart from other bands. I think Tenniscoats have something that makes them special.

I want to explore those qualities and help share what I think is great music.

Tenniscoats is a band composed of two members, Saya and Takashi Ueno. They’ve been releasing music and touring for the better part of the past decade. They’ve even released a split album with The Pastels in 2009.

Both Saya and Takashi work very well together. All of their songs are interesting to listen to. Saya’s voice is really sweet, and Takashi’s guitar is soothing. There’s usually a mixed range of instruments as well in each song. The listener’s ears get treated to an array of new sounds from instruments they most likely aren’t familiar with.

I actually discovered Tenniscoats from LaBlogotheque. The song they recorded is my favorite from Tenniscoats to this day:

Love when the businessman walks by; I’m always curious to how people react to these mobile-mini-concerts being recorded. :)

I definitely associate the feeling of freedom with the music Tenniscoats creates. It’s knowing that people can do what they want, how they want, and enjoy themselves.

Black and white photo of Tenniscoats.

If your curious as to what instrument the vocalist, Saya, is playing, it’s the melodica.

I wanted to link to their website, but it appears to be down at the moment. If it is renewed and comes back up, I will be sure to post it!

Lastly, if you’re interested in purchasing their music, you can find their albums on Amazon’s MP3 store! I love the digital era, where I can buy and support artists who normally wouldn’t see record releases in the states.

Hope you enjoy it, it’s good stuff.

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