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About this blog:
Started on March 13, 2010, a blog for the personal enjoyment of the author. Intended as a place for his thoughts on a variety of things including, but not limited to, video games, anime, manga, Japan, programming, music, dramas, movies, and experiences in life. Moving forward, but looking back positively at past blogging experiences, Peaceful Respite intends to grow and prosper.
The name Peaceful Respite comes from one of my favorite lines in any video game series, the Dragon Quest series. After you save your game at the church, the priest wishes you to have “peace respite” while you’re not playing. This is the sort of charm that can only be found in the Dragon Quest series and boy is it great.

About the author:

  • Known as: Brett
  • Location: New Jersey, U.S.
  • Bio: attending Champlain College in Burlington, VT this Fall 2010 for a major in Game Programming
  • Likes: Gundam, working hard, Star Wars, Japan, anime, video games, indie rock, JPOP, JROCK, visual kei, manga, programming, graphic design
  • Dislikes: being sick, being late, messiness
  • Hobbies: cycling, running, basketball, lacrosse, gunpla, programming

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You can reach me at:

  • Email – brettchalupa (ar) gmail (dot) com
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